Behold the willow
Leaves yarn on an inkle loom
Roots seek new knowledge
One branch will grow into tree
When trained by Lady Gwynneth
Sugawara no Tokihira

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Emperor riding
Asked bird in oak tree its name
Over wisteria flew
Uguisu bird to willowSugawara no Tokihira

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Captain of the Guard

Captain of the Guard
Clad in all your finery
Remove this creature
It is a disgusting thing
But why is there a crime wave?Sugawara no Tokihira

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Notice of Errata

I just realized that there is an error in the calendar program I’ve been using for my dates.  Namely, the xth month is really the (x-1)th month.  I have corrected this error on my previous blog entries.  Fortunately, this error won’t be a factor next year.  Also, I am considering working out my own calendar using either Heian or the center of the Midrealm as the meridian.  It could be an interesting project.

Time Warp

Unfortunately, shortly after my last contribution, my job and my personal life interfered with maintaining the blog.  Little did I know my disappearance was going to last half a year!  But that which was taking up all my free time is done, or nearly so.  In fact, in a future posting I’ll show you what it was that I was doing.

But for now, know that I am back, recharged, and hopefully better prepared to entertain and inform any readers who actually stumble upon this tiny speck in the vastness of the internet.  First up: breaking news on a court case I’ve been following for several years.