All Work and No Play Make Mac a Dull Boy


Sorry about falling off the face of the earth.  Shortly after my last posting, work dropped a one ton case of overtime on my head.  At one point, I worked 13 straight days, and am just now recovering.  Or not, as my body decided that all that stress + the bad weather = one sick person.  Since I am home alone today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to work on the blog.

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Friday Fisking

A weekly feature, often done on Fridays, has long been a staple of blogs.  Who am I to deny the tradition?  Each week, I will provide a detailed analysis of someone missing the point.

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What’s The Point?

 The point of this blog is to document the illogic of modern argumentative discourse.  Of particular focus are the arguments of pseudoscience and the nuances of First Amendment rights.

There were a number of circumstances surrounding the creation – resurrection, really – of this blog.  First, I’ve found myself holding back from commenting at other people’s blogs, either because my observation was tangential to the conversation or too long to post as a comment.  Second, I recently received encouragement to start my own blog.  Third, Lou FCD mentioned at After the Bar Closes (the forum for Panda’s Thumb)that he had a blog that he had created but never really used, and was offering it up because he didn’t want the name to go to waste.  Finally, I need to practice writing for purposes of therapy, so mainting this blog is my New Year’s Resolution. Read the rest of this entry »

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