Your indulgence, my love, for our passion knows no bound or season

Do you remember
The lone plum tree blossoming
In the cherry hills?
We met, then found each other
As cats in love danced
Under rosy-fingered sun.
My dreams were welcome,
Those leaves sweeter than any soft
Grass for my pillow.
You let me visit your home
And then at the third
It was time to change our robes.
Oh, how romantic!
When we moved to the house in
The sixth together.
The cool nights barely quenching
Smouldering passion.
You held me during plum rain
And supported me
When I took the civil exams.
The coming of fall
You went to the eastern shore
At Tanabata
Watching the white waves roll up
The autumn rain when
We went by the woodland stream
Had us laughing though
I was left soaked to the bone.
The water dried up
We went to the winter grove.
Winter seclusion-
Oh! Best spent between the quilts.
We kept ourselves warm,
The brazier hardly needed.
Our parents came by-
How long until we go and
Start searching for plum blossoms?


On the first full moon
I saw you sneaking around
Thwack!- Your victim struck.
Watch over your shoulder lest
Your search for plum blossoms end.
Sugawara no Tokihira

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