Whose Land Is It Anyway?

At long last I stop
A long pilgrimage over
Shadowed moon above
The workers tilling fields
As if this land was their land
Sugawara no Tokihira

Liner notes:

This poem was inspired by the name of an event hosted by Shadowed Stars, “This Land Is Our Land.” A word of caution about the poem; it is written from the viewpoint of a 10th century Heian noble, and thus contains the arrogance inherent to the Heian aristocracy. This does not in any way reflect the views of Kevin, who thoroughly enjoyed the event. There was an umbral eclipse of the full moon a few days after the event, which I found evocative of the host group’s name. The pilgrimage and long journey are references to the out of region criterion being fulfilled for the Pentamere Pilgrimage Challenge.

The form is waka, Japanese in origin with a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern of syllables.  Event held 11th day of 3rd month, AS XLVII. This poem was composed for the Pentamere Pilgrimage Challenge, the fifth poem in the series; in addition, Calum has written an amusing take on his experiences at an event.


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