New Robes?

New Year approaches
New poetry to compose
Might there be new robes?
Time to celebrate with friends
Pour the tea for just rewards.

Sugawara no Tokihira

Liner Notes:

At Val Day, I entered some of my calligraphy and poetry into the Arts & Sciences display.  We also had a Heian day camp in the Artisan’s Row, which we shared with Kimiko’s tea party. The first three lines of this poem was supposed to be a renga challenge, but no one participated this year.  So I decided to complete the poem, by answering the question asked in the first half. Val Day was the day before the traditional Japanese New Year, so included are many references to New Year celebrations, such as new poetry, celebrating with friends and hot drinks, and the awarding of new ranks. Several of my friends received awards at court; traditionally, a new rank meant the recipient needed new robes appropriate for the rank in color, fabric, and style.

Composed 29th day of 12th month, AS XLVII, at Val Day.


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