Renga Challenge

On Valentine’s Day
Pageantry is on display
All show their new robes

a project of hard labors
only if you bled on it!

あかのもの     akanomono      (red things)
あおいもの     aoimono     (blue things)
むらさきも     murasakimo     (purple too)

いろいろなもの     iroironamono     (lots of various things)
見たよかたなあ     kentayokatanao     (I think to see them is great)

A moment in time
Like butterflies on display
Brief but beautiful

Springtime in Michigan fields
Summer comes fast on its heels

But winter hid
Coward from delinquent fall
How I miss sledding!Sugawara no Tokihira

Liner Notes:

At Val Day, I entered some of my calligraphy and poetry into the Arts & Sciences display.  Included was a renga challenge!  Interactive A&S, where the audience is invited to compose part of the poem!  Started with a 5-7-5 seed, the challenge is to create sections of poetry that alternate between 5-7-5 and 7-7 pattern of syllables.  Each section is supposed to link to the previous section in content and style, creating a chain of overlapping poems.  A number of people participated, and there where even some entries in Japanese.  For the Japanese entries, I have included the hiragana (and one kanji), the corresponding romaji, and the translation given by the author.  I’d like to point out a pivot found in the Japanese verses.  The first section talks about colored things.  In the second section, the first word is iro-iro, which translates into many or various.  However, iro by itself means color.

Composed 20th day of 1st month, AS XLVI, at Val Day.


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