On January 18, 2012, Missing the Point is joining other blogs, websites, and service providers to protest the ham-handed SOPA and PIPA bills being considered by the US government.  Here at Missing the Point, we believe strongly in intellectual property rights.  However, we also believe in many other rights, including  free speech, freedom of the press, and due process.  These two bills bypass due process and have the potential to disrupt the internet, while massively interfering with free speech and the free press.  This is not the proper way to protect intellectual property rights, and will likely not even protect the intellectual property for those that most need it protected.  I urge any who read this to join in the protest by whatever means they feel most comfortable doing, so long as the means chosen do not violate the rights of others.

For 24 12 hours, all content at Missing the Point will show up as censored, with a message explaining why.


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