Heian Poetry Slam

Winter approaches
Pleasant reminders of home
Time for family

Flowering conversation
Like the tea, warm and soothing

Rain on the window
And wind blowing through the trees
Still feels worlds away

Waves on the pond driven white
Memories of days well spentSugawara no Tokihira

Liner Notes

This my first attempt at renga (“linked verse”).  Its origins precede the Heian era, but it wasn’t until late Heian that it began to flourish.  Two or more people collaborate in creating verses that alternate between 5-7-5 and 7-7 syllable patterns.  Each verse is linked to the preceding verse, such that any two consecutive verses would make a complete waka.  For this particular poem, I wrote the first and last verses, my wife Kaede compsed the second, and my cousin Kayci wrote the third.  My cousin is attending college nearby and we were treating her to a home-cooked meal.  These poems could extend to 100 verses or more, and elaborate conventions developed over time.

Composed 30th day of 9th month, AS XLVI.

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3 Responses to “Heian Poetry Slam”

  1. Sugawara no Tokihira Says:

    It is my hope that some day, I could make this a regular feature, with me composing the initial hokku (the first verse) and readers contributing followup verses.

  2. LaurenAdoresLovePoetry Says:

    This page about scribed poetry is really fantastic. I adore poems… One other blog i share a ton is i think called Poetry-of the-day.com .

  3. Skye Says:

    We turn inward now
    To our projects domestic
    Sewing for Val Day

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