Well, one last swing at this blogging thing.  I have a new computer, which hopefully will make writing easier (for one thing, the keyboard on the old one never worked right, and I had major problems uploading pictures, ending the Monthly Mascot just as soon as it started).  One thing I realized is that, at this point, I simply can’t produce the high quality, well-researched posts in the quantity I’d like.  But I also didn’t want to throw in a lot of fluff, where I’m just parroting some information from another blog.  So I invited a couple of authors to the blog.  Sort of.

Sort of?

Yeah.  You see, I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms, a medieval re-enactment group that researches and recreates aspects of history for fun and education.  As a member of over 16 years, I have developed a couple of personas.  The first persona, Calum, is a 16th Century Scot from the isle of Raasay.  He will be writing about his experiences as a fencer and an archer, and he is just starting to explore making camp furniture and other large wooden constructs.  The new persona, Tokihira, is a poet-scholar from Heian Japan (the Heian era stretches from the 9th to the 12th Centuries; Tokihira is from the early 10th Century).  Poetry will obviously be a major part of Tokihira’s contribution.  In addition, expect research notes on Heian Japan to be posted from time to time.  I of course will still write the type of posts I always intended to write, but I may also use my “co-authors” as inspiration for my own posts.


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