Monthly Mascot – Introduction

After a year-long hiatus, I’m going to try this blogging thing again.  It took a lot longer to get the apartment organized than I ever expected.  But I now have the set-up that I was originally planning, which should help me blog regularly.  One hopes, at least.

Anyway, I thought I’d kick off the restart by announcing the introduction of a new periodic feature, the Monthly Mascot.  A lot of blogs have something like this – for example, Pharyngula’s Friday Cephalopod.  At the end of each August, I will select a category of collectibles I (and my wife) own.  On the ides of each month (that’s the 15th of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th for all other months), I will post the Monthly Mascot.  The monthly mascot will include a picture, and possibly a short (sometimes humourous) description of the mascot.

The first category is Cthulhu.  I have a small collection of stuffed Cthulhu, primarily made by the owner of Falcon’s Mew.  Check back in two weeks for the first installment.

What, you want a picture now?  Greedy little bastard.  Okay, here’s a taste of things to come:

PZ meets Cthulhu

I wonder what would happen if PZ or one of his tentacled horde ever found this page?


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