We’re Moving!

Quite a few of the blogs I’ve followed have said that, often when joining the SciBorg collective.  No worries!  You won’t have to update any of your links.  Missing The Point isn’t going anywhere any time soon (insert snark here).

I, however, am moving my physical address next month.  For only about $50/mo more (including extra utility costs), I’ll be closer to work (with a more convenient route), closer to a number of friends, closer to my wife’s family, and getting an additional 200 sq.ft. of living space.  The cons: further from my family and further from a number of our friends.

Some of the things I like about the new place:

  1. Less square footage lost to hallway, meaning we get an extra bath (shower not tub) and walk-in closet
  2. A big pantry in kitchen (no pantry in the old place!) in place of utility room
  3. Slightly larger bedrooms, with lots of light (wall-to wall window starting @ 45″ a.f.f.)
  4. Better layout of closet shelving (old place had shelving that we could only utilize at 50% capacity)
  5. Larger dining room that isn’t a through-fare to living room and dining room
  6. Bigger living room – with a gas fireplace!
  7. A covered balcony 6 times larger than our current one – and as a result, nearly 3 times the light into the living & dining rooms

Some things I’ll miss about the old place

  • Less counter space in kitchen
  • Hanging space in closets not as well laid out
  • Laundry room now a closet
  • Fewer places to hang pictures (or swords or crossbows)

Of course, the real reason we are moving is my wife.  (No, not that!)  She is working on her Ph.D. and the current layout simply is not conducive to her writing her dissertation.  In fact, the current set-up is directly leading to health problems.  So it’s time to cut bait.

Which means that the current molasses-in-January posting rate is going to become positively glacial.  We are going to be moving pretty much all of May.  The good news is I do hope to have a major project for the blog done by early June.  And the new arrangements will also make it more likely that I will have motivation to actually work on the blog.  Motivation, not inspiration, has always been my problem.


3 Responses to “We’re Moving!”

  1. monado Says:

    Sounds wonderful!

  2. W. Kevin Vicklund Says:

    So far, it has been mostly wonderful. The biggest problem last month was that delays in a couple of otherwise minor repairs threw a spanner in my carefully constructed schedule. Which meant that we didn’t have the first wave of stuff put away before we had to bring over the second wave, and now we are having to dig out from a pile of boxes. The good news is that almost all the books (well over 2,000) are put away.

    However, life was greatly complicated last week. The van was stolen! Fortunately, most of the stuff in it was abandoned nearby so that they could use the van to steal a motorcycle. Unfortunately, it rained for the next six hours. But since the only reason the stole the van was to steal the hawg, the van was recovered, largely undamaged, before I even knew it was gone. So I’m out a $100 deductible, a radio (because of which the deductible is reduced to $100 from the normal $250), and time I had planned to spend unpacking.

    Which I need to get back to doing. I need to be done by early July.

  3. Mikey Says:

    Hey stranger..

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