Caldwell Denied, Caldwell Wins

The most recent Establishment Clause lawsuit presented to the Supreme Court, Caldwell v. Caldwell (no relation), was denied a writ of certiorari by the Court today. The suit was filed by Jeanne Caldwell, wife of the infamous Larry Caldwell (who is known for filing frivolous lawsuits against teaching evolution). The defendant was UC Berkeley (coincidentally, the lead defendant is also named Caldwell), which maintains the Understanding Evolution website. The lawsuit was previously dismissed at the District and Circuit Court levels due to lack of standing. This denial of cert officially ends the lawsuit.


I’ll Have the Mayo, Hold the Reuben

The academic blogosphere is buzzing with the recent discovery of a major incident of academic fraud.  Dr. Scott Reuben published 21 papers over the course of 12 years that have been implicated in the fraud, making this one of the largest cases of academic fraud ever discovered.  Worse yet, Dr. Reuben’s research is in medicine, throwing a primary method of post-surgical treatment into disarray.

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